Nice to Meet You!

My name is Rina and I love to garden naturally, organic, spray-free fruit and vegetables the way Nature intended!

Nice to Meet You - I'm Rina Walker

So I started this Home Food Gardening blog and this is my Home Food Gardening Website! I plan on providing plenty of guidance, inspiration, knowledge, tips, and reviews to help you with your own home food gardening. If you are interested in starting your own blog like this then check out my other blog site at on how to get started!

Lately, I have been working on a 16.5-hectare block which was previously a dairy and mono-crop farming block but in the last 2 years, I have been transforming it into a food-garden and food-forest system using sustainable and earth-friendly design principles while teaching others along the way. But, I started out small with just one small container garden growing a few herbs. The reason I know so much about this now is I’ve had a lot of practice at it.

However, it all starts with a seed no matter the size of a project, whether that is starting on your kitchen bench with a Hydroponic Food Growing Garden System the size of a loaf of bread, or whether it’s converting your whole yard! There is something here for any size project and idea.

Growing your own food from home is good for your physical and mental health, and your pocket! Of course using environmentally friendly approaches, especially chemical-free, is great for our planet, you know the big rock we all live and rely on.  Working with soil sparks the ‘feel good’ factor in you even when you are not expecting it, whether indoors or out, the fruit and vegetable plants have a positive effect on you even before you partake in a healthy delicious meal made with them.  

So, here I am to offer my experience and knowledge to various gardening topics and hope that you may learn something from me that helps with growing your own nutritious food. So go right ahead and ask any related questions in the comment section below any post. If you care to comment and offer your knowledge and experience I welcome that too! Learning from one another is what will ensure the experience and knowledge are passed and shared on!

An hour a day with the right tools will ensure that you have freshly grown fruit, vegetable, and herbs at least once a week but probably more! If you are already experienced at growing food all year round, then you probably are here to get the lowdown on a product that has caught your eye, or to hear more about hydroponics, aquaponics or permaculture, or food forest design.

Please know that in the case of product reviews, I myself have used a version of all of the products here from various brands over the years but bring you a commentary of what others have also experienced using these products. If you go on to purchase from a link you click from here, please know that I make a small commission as a result.

So thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy the experience! Get going with my very first post ever for this site ‘The 3 Best Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Systems for Food in 2021’!

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6 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You!”

  1. Hi Rina. It is good to meet up with you. I am very new at gardening and I decided to work on planting vegetables. I tried a variety just to see how well they grow and how long they take to be ready for reaping. So far I have reaped okra, tomatoes and peppers. I am now thinking of working on a herbal garden and I have been reading up about the characteristics of the different herbs. I am glad to come upon your blog and I will be following you so I can benefit from your expertise. Thank you

    • Hiya JJ! Nice to make your acquaintance! Great to hear that you are already reaping the rewards of your effort, a very satisfying feeling I think you would agree. I am very happy to help where I can so feel free to flick me a question when you feel the need 🙂

      Having the addition of a herb garden is a great idea as the perennial kind anyway are a hardy bunch giving you access to them all year round. They are great to grow in pots in soil or right from your kitchen bench using liquid nutrient indoor grow gardens like the ones here…

  2. Hi Rina, thanks so much for sharing this motivating post about what you do. I absolutely agree with you that growing your own food from home is good for your physical and mental health using environmentally friendly approaches. Many people like using chemicals these days and they ignore the damage that causes to the environment and with you, I like the fact that you operate sustainably. I’ll be a regular visitor to your blog because I want to learn more and I’ll also be sharing this helpful post. Thanks once again for the great job you’re doing.

    • Nice to meet you Kokontala! 

      Thank you for your kind words and appreciate you taking time out to visit and see what I am all about. I want to share as much of this knowledge I have with as many people as I can, and having this blog is going to help immensely with that so thank you for sharing!

      Have a great day!

  3. It was really great to come across your site. I am looking forward to  the tips and recommendations. I am not sure why I have not started my garden to this day because I have been flirting with the idea of cooking vegetables from my own garden for years. Time and knowledge seems to be main enhancers to my procrastination..   

    • Hiya Bogadi! Thank you for taking time out to visit! These days it is hardly any effort to start growing food from home especially with the convenience of growing under lights as is the case with the hydroponic indoor food garden or the self-watering plant containers available now. Heck, they even provide the seeds in some cases. 

      I would be happy to help in any way I can no matter how small your beginnings 🙂

      Have a great day!


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